Meteorologia philosophico-politica
in duodecim dissertationes per quaestiones meteorologicas et conclusiones politicas divisa, appositisque symbolis illustrata : olim honori Augusti Romanorum regis Josephi I inscripta, nunc denuo ad multorum desiderium in lucem correctior edita
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Meteorologia philosophico-politica
About this edition:
Published by Impensis Jeremiae Wolfii, chalcographicae artis propolae, Typis Petri Detleffsii in Augustae Vindelicorum.

This book contains 297 pages, written in Latin.
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Early Works To 1800

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Meteorology -- Early Works To 1800., Omens -- Early Works To 1800.

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About the author(s): Franciscus Reinzer was born in 1661

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