Michael Strogoff
or, The courier of the czar.
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Michael Strogoff
About this edition:
Published by Publishers' lettering: The home library. in New York. Notes about edition: Publishers' lettering: The home library.

This book contains 361 pages, written in English.


About the author(s): Jules Verne was born in 8 February 1828
Jules Verne was a French author who helped pioneer the science-fiction genre. He is best known for his novels A Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1864), From the Earth to the Moon (1865), Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1869–1870), Around the World in Eighty Days (1873) and The Mysterious Island (1875). Verne wrote about space, air, and underwater travel before navigable aircraft and practical submarines were invented, and before any means of space travel had been devised. Consequently he is often referred to as the Father of science fiction, along with H. G. Wells. ([Source][1].) [1]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jules_Verne

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