The ladies’ flower-garden of ornamental bulbous plants
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The ladies’ flower-garden of ornamental bulbous plants
About this edition:
Published by W. Smith in London.

This book contains 270 pages, written in English.

The book describes such subjects as:

Flowers., Floriculture., Bulbs.

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About the author(s): Jane C. Webb Loudon was born in August 19, 1807
An early pioneer of science fiction, long before the term was invented, so that she was discussed for a century as a writer of Gothic fiction or fantasy or horror, though she did none of these things as we now categorize fiction. She is better known for her work in creating the first popular gardening manuals, providing an alternative to the specialist horticultural tomes of her time, and for her contributions to the work of her husband, [John Claudius Loudon][1]. [1]:

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